Report: Real Estate Power & NJ PAC fund Team Bhalla for 20K mailer

Based on an exclusive report in the Jersey Globe, the special interest money anticipated slamming into the Mile Square City has arrived.

The Jersey Globe reports:

 NJ Community Initiatives, a continuing political committee with ties to state Democrats, received $30,000 from Mack-Cali Property Trust, a politically active development company.  The group reported spending $19,420 for a mailing on behalf of Hoboken City Council candidate Migdalia Pagan Milano.

Wait, another powerful statewide development interest working on behalf of Ravi Bhalla? Again?

Last month, the Hudson County View broke the story about the NJ Community Initiatives political committee and its connections to Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

The nearly $20,000 for a mailer backs the Ravi Bhalla – Stronger Foundations endorsed first ward candidate Pagan Milano against Councilman Mike DeFusco.

In its September exclusive report, Hudson County View exclusively reported “multiple sources” indicated the newly formed NJ Community Initiatives PAC would become involved in the Hoboken municipal elections.

The story, supported here as factual at publication did not foresee a powerful statewide developer routing monies in the tens of thousands for Ravi Bhalla and one of his council candidates.

The HCV news story highlighted connections of one person connected to the PAC with fundraising ties to former mayor Dawn Zimmer and then Ravi Bhalla.

“We’re handing the Mile Square City to Ravi Bhalla, can we start
the bidding at not one but two major statewide development
interest groups?”
Thanks Dawn, sweet backroom baton toss to Ravi Bhalla. 

Talking Ed Note: You’ve been warned back to 2017 what the destruction of Reform would mean in backing Ravi Bhalla for mayor. Well, we were right and only about two years ahead of our time. Now there’s no excuses. Either stand up for Hoboken or die drowning in a sea of sepsis Ravi Bhattchalism.

What’s next, Dawn Zimmer endorsing Ravi Bhalla candidates in the second and sixth wards to aid in the mission to destroy Hoboken and its sovereignty? The Reform legacy she bequeathed so poorly in a backroom deal to Ravi Bhalla is close to complete and utter destruction.

Had enough Hoboken?

And Jim Doyle, what will it take for you to stop attaching your name to this? Snap out of it man and stand up, if not for Hoboken, at least for yourself. Do it while it matters. Soon, it may not. #Legacy

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