Who is Ravi Bhalla’s MACK-PAC Daddy?

Further details on the powerful statewide real estate developer, Mack-Cali, getting behind Mayor Ravi Bhalla and his first ward council candidate are coming to light.

After the NJ Globe broke the story yesterday revealing almost $20,000 in big real estate development money is set to hit Hoboken’s first ward on behalf of Ravi Bhalla’s team for his first ward candidate, the Hudson County View added cement shoes to the breaking news.
HCV reports fully $30,000 has been earmarked from Mack-Cali to the newly-formed NJ Community Initiatives on October 18th.
The round-robin with tens of thousands of dollars heading Hoboken’s way a week before the election is expected to be used in a direct mail campaign aiding Ravi Bhalla’s effort to defeat his nemesis, Councilman Mike DeFusco.
DeFusco slammed the hypocrisy of his opponent and pointed directly at Ravi Bhalla as being the culprit behind the big real estate money flowing into his opponent saying, “Money from major real estate players like Mack-Cali doesn’t come for free and First Ward voters deserve to know exactly what kind of shady deal Migdalia and the Mayor made to win this support.”
For months, Hudson County View and Hoboken Horse have delineated the sketchy routes for Dark Money and special interest big development political committees and PACs to hit Hoboken making a salutary pit stop at the mayor’s office to Ravi Bhalla.
Apparently, the word was not intended to be confirmed by muckraking media a week out to the election prompting an angry response from the Rhode Island Ravi Bhalla political consultant who manages the communications for the mayor’s council slate.
“Councilman DeFusco knows full well that the contribution from Mack-Cali was made to the NJ Community Initiatives PAC- not to Ms. Pagan-Milano, but chooses to misleadingly conflate the two,” said Rob Horowitz.
For more on this story, please see the Hudson County View.
Ravi Bhalla says he’s against overdevelopment even though he hid his massive NJ Transit redevelopment
from Hoboken residents. Big real estate development money is set to hit Hoboken a week before the
council elections for Ravi Bhalla’s council slate. It must be an early Festivus miracle.
Talking Ed Note: Mr. Horowitz may wish to believe the laundering operation through newly created PAC vehicles offers aid and comfort to the hypocrisy of Ravi Bhalla and his council slate. Hoboken voters may see it differently.
The mayor’s office isn’t done yet. Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do.

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