Councilman Dave Mello video endorsement: Kurt Gardiner for Freeholder

Councilman Dave Mello gets into the headlong rush for Kurt Gardiner’s candidacy for Freeholder.
There’s something going on here.  The Councilman put in a lot of time to communicate his detailed reasons for backing the Giant:

Councilman Mello notes Hoboken pays 17% of Hudson County’s taxes and receives back only 6% in services using Hoboken as a “cash cow.”

The Councilman writes:

In a video release, Hoboken City Councilman David Mello has endorsed Kurt Gardiner for election as Hoboken’s representative on the Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders.  “I’ve been fighting for the creation of a southwest park in Hoboken for years now,” said Mello.  “With seventeen percent of Hudson County’s tax dollars coming from Hoboken residents, despite Hoboken making up less than eight percent of the County’s population, isn’t it time that the County fully partnered with Hoboken in efforts to create this park?  A southwest park in Hoboken could provide vital flood remediation and greatly improve the quality of life in Hoboken.”  Mello further said, “Many large residential buildings have gone up just over the southwest borders of Hoboken in recent years.  At this moment, cement is being poured for yet another residential building just south of Hoboken’s train trestle in Jersey City; the Cast Iron Lofts.  It’s only logical to see that residents of other Hudson County municipalities will use a southwest park if one is ever created.  Hudson County’s Fifth District needs a freeholder who will fight for a Hoboken and County partnership in the creation of this park.”  The Cast Iron Lofts will bring 155 new rental units to the Jersey City neighborhood just over the border from Hoboken’s Fourth Ward.
Jersey City already is home to Lincoln Park, a 273.4 acre Hudson County park.  Hoboken’s only county park is Columbus Park on Clinton Street, a 3.2 acre, mostly passive park space.

Talking Ed Note: Polls are now open and will be until 8:00 PM. Please get out and vote today. Email you friends and family (again) in town and encourage them to do likewise.
Let’s not allow Hudson County to take advantage of Hoboken any longer.

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