Peter Cunningham on Election Day tomorrow – Vote Gardiner for Freeholder, Vote “No” on Rent Control Ballot #2

From the desk of Council VP Peter Cunningham:

Hi everyone, sorry for the late notice.
Quite a busy weekend culminating with the closing of the Hospital
transaction on Friday, and lots of soccer Saturday and Sunday… It
had been a great week for the family too with Halloween and all, with
perhaps the scariest thing to occur at Wednesday’s council meeting
where routine accounting measures were voted down by the minority for
NO GOOD REASON other than to show their continued ability to block
this Administration like they did with the hospital; refinancing the
Parking Utility Bonds and bonding for General Improvements.
I have talked to many about tomorrow’s vote and how disappointed most
are with little interest to go to the polls.  So I will give some
limited thoughts, opinions and recommendations, and you decide.  While
it is a privilege to exercise your right to vote, with exception of a
couple of candidates and issues, you might want to “bullet” vote your
way through this one.
1) All Democratic incumbents are likely to win by a large margin.  But
you can vote Republican and send a message to the incumbents that you
are not satisfied with their job.  When we say job, we mean supporting
reasonable initiatives to reducing our tax burden and supporting other
reform initiatives.  
Kurt Gardiner, running for Freeholder as an Independent, is someone I am 
supporting for Hudson County Freeholder.
His site is  Kurt will fight
for lower County taxes which have continued to go up in the last four
years completely overshadowing the hard work done we have done at city
hall AND on the School Board.  Kurt will not take a County car; will
recommend salary cuts and Operational Audits of County Government; and
say NO to any County tax increase.
2) The Referendum on Rent Control is the other initiative of interest.
It’s a confusing question, and I hope that at this point many of you
are prepared.  I have spoken to many and as we are reasonable people,
I believe the following are important issues to consider.  The
Ordinance Z-88 was voted in (9-0) by all City Council members this
Spring.  In my opinion, it’s fair and balanced for both the tenants
and landlords as there was something that each party gave up to come
to a consensus (you may write me for details).  The Judge mandated
that Hoboken fix it’s Rent Control laws as they were “arbitrary and
capricious.”  Ordinance Z-88 will reduce the legal liability and thus
the financial burden waged against the city for over 20 years.  The
costs have been staggering for the city, landlords and tenants.  For
tenants that are concerned rents, this law will not arbitrarily raise
any one’s rent.  Hoboken continues to have the strongest rent control
laws in Hudson County.
Let’s listen to the Judge, and do something that’s fair and balanced.
Please consider voting NO to preserve Z-88.
Please let me know if you have any specific questions, and feel free
to pass this note around to your neighbors.  Thanks as always.  Peter

    Peter Cunningham

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