An artist depicts the fight: Kurt Gardiner vs. Hudson County’s Voracious Tax Machine

Again Hoboken will witness a tale of two cities and a tale of two counties.  The Hudson County Tax Machine cares not for Hoboken’s excessive tax burden.  To the HCTM Hoboken is a cash cow and must be milked within an inch of a coma.

And so it has.

Today on Election Day – you have a choice.  The fight must begin somewhere and like the City Council some years ago, the battle began with the Reform minded members in the persons of Peter Cunningham and Dawn Zimmer.

Hoboken is required to take that battle to the county level in the form of its legislative member.

Hoboken’s taxpayers are not represented by incumbent Anthony “Stick” Romano.  MSV knows Stick who is an affable fellow but he has no skin in the game.  He lives in Marine View and doesn’t pay the onerous taxes he’s repeatedly voted in favor of on Hoboken. Why would he make a fight of it within a political group that runs the County and is all but unopposed?

Kurt Gardiner choose to break up that monolith of an undemocratic system.  Romano initially responded to the challenge agreeing to two forums to discuss the issues that matter to Hoboken and then backed out entirely.

For this reason, MSV can not sit idly by and has made an effort to fight not only for Hoboken but for democratic values.  No one should see a coronation in an unopposed election, least of all someone who insults the community by refusing to even have a conversation to hear the issues and its concerns.

Read’em and weep – Beth Mason fed the HCDO supported candidacy of Anthony Romano with $5,000.

Talking Ed Note: Beth Mason went to some trouble to play down her support for the HCDO backed slate in today’s election.  But money talks and as usual Beth Mason’s money arrived showing what she did not intend for you to see.

Beth Mason is joined by the entire HCDO, some also depicted side by side with the Mason money.

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