John Corea and Patrick Ricciardi – two crooks of the same pod

This photo is an MSV exclusive of John Corea off to serve a seven year prison term and Patrick Ricciardi, the former IT Manager who looted the City’s communications coming and going out of the mayor’s office.

Sign of the Times: Hoboken corruption past meets present

with John Corea (l) and Patrick Ricciardi (rear l) on a junket to Israel

Before the parking meter looting was uncovered, several years ago a junket to Israel was had with fun for all and in this case you NEVER hear the Old Guard questioning its justification unlike with the current Director Ian Sacs who never hears the end about a professional transportation conference he attended for transportation engineers.

Of course that was then and this is now and that’s the way the Old Guard plays the game.
Councilwoman Beth Mason is still attempting to use Sacs’ trip as an example of wasted City monies.

Then again she ran an ad in the Hudson Reporter claiming City employees went to the SuperBowl.  Somehow the Hudson Reporter never saw fit to verify that claim.

4 thoughts on “John Corea and Patrick Ricciardi – two crooks of the same pod

  1. The irony of the Israeli trip is that Hoboken, under Roberts and Pellicano didn't want to pay for the software for the automated garage from its legitimate source and so they searched for a company that would illegally copy it. I believe there was a lawsuit. Not sure what happened there.

    So here they are in this picture, yucking it up "as thick as thieves", because that's what they all are.

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