Councilman Bhalla to Beth Mason – You want to control which way I turn my heard when I speak?

Chalk this one up to another episode of “Council of the Absurd.”  In this episode of Beth Mason Strikes Free Speech, Episode IX, Councilman Ravi Bhalla is fending off the untypical Council of No battle on progress for Hoboken and makes a plea using the controversial terms “ladies and gentleman.”  It’s not clear if he is addressing his council colleagues or the audience in attendance while emphasizing his point.  

The issue under discussion is approval for redevelopment professional services the Council of No wants to scuttle.  Councilman Russo waves a state letter from the NJ Comptroller like a trophy suggesting the problems stemming back to 2008 and 2009 in the letter are mandated on professional services agreements now and everyone must vote no on the contracts.  It’s his latest installment of politrickin.

Beth Mason who holds the chair and gavel and has done so ruthlessly outside of the council rules on many occasions (we’ve lost count how many times now) tries to instill a new reign of terror: treating her council colleagues like children who should obey her every whim.  She attempts to instruct Councilman Bhalla on the finer points of council etiquette saying, “Don’t incite the audience.”  Wheely?  Wheely Mason?

Councilman Ravi Bhalla objects to her attempt at censorship, (yes, that word again) and makes it clear he will not be subject to such.  Beth Mason realizes the City Council is in fact not the Masonic Temple and the City Council ‘majority,’ although bought and paid for with a nice little gavel last November will be a trite more difficult to control – at least until more purchases are made in May.  Who wants to guess how many payments she’s already made around town for Hoboken’s upcoming citywide council races?

And now MSV is proud to bring you, Beth Mason strikes: Episode IX:

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