EmNet flooding technology installed, flood pump coming online this summer

The City of Hoboken recently finished installing a state-of-the-art wireless sewer monitoring system. Sensors have been placed under manhole covers in key locations throughout the City.
“This is one of the most technologically advanced and innovative wastewater monitoring systems available, and it will collect and transmit important data today as we are hit by another strong storm,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “I have been advocating for this system since 2007 when I was a Councilwoman, and I’m proud that we are another step closer to addressing our longstanding flooding problem. The wet weather pump under construction should alleviate much of the worst flooding, but we need this high-tech system to collect the data we need to understand how we can completely and cost-effectively solve our flooding problem for the long term.”
In June, 2010, the City Council voted to award a contract to EmNet to install the real time flood monitoring sensor system. On March 3rd, EmNet completed the installation of of the system.
EmNet is a multi-disciplinary engineering company specializing in real time wireless technology solutions to help optimize various utility assets. The EmNet monitoring technology utilizes a network of embedded sensors, computerized manhole cover telemetry devices, and innovative data analysis tools. This system is entirely battery powered and uses cellular connections to broadcast real time water level data from the sewers to a secure website. Advanced data analysis tools are used to transform large amounts of data into insightful information concerning the behavior of the sewer system under various weather conditions.
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