Council restaurant zoning showdown and meth action @ 7:00

Well the exciting developments today will likely be largely ignored unless residents show up and join in at around 7:30 to sign up and speak on the uncanny links of Tim Occhipinti’s campaign worker being snared by police for hosting a meth lab in her HHA apartment.

There’s also the restaurant on lower Jackson across the street from the parking lot the City is looking to turn into a park.
Expect lots of hot air, rationalization, obstruction and well the usual from the Hoboken Sopranos.

Here’s the agenda:

Looks like a small glitch picking up the meeting in public portion.  The restaurant owner(s) at 61 Jackson asked to negotiate more changes on the property and have the ordinance stopped.  So the issue on its encroachment will have to wait, again.

Other than the sabotage continuing without Jim Doyle sitting in his rightful seat, there’s almost panicked defensiveness with the revelation Councilman Michael Russo’s father, the felon and ex-mayor Anthony Russo sold out the City on a ridiculous water contract costing Hoboken either millions or tens of millions, depending on your perspective.

When that truth comes up in the last video segment (below), Michael Russo’s suddenly loses his interest in playing politics, a true rarity.  (Late in clip in new business.)

It reminds Da Horsey of one of our earliest satirical pieces in 2009 where the legendary Jimmy Breslin interviews Michael Russo on corruption.  The refrain you’ll see remains the same.

Related: Hoboken Patch has a story on the cost of Lepercon.  It’s over 100K and counting.

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