Mayor begins re-election battle against incompetence, corruption and the Hoboken Sopranos

Dear Friends,

Great things are happening in Hoboken thanks to

your tremendous support! 
From restructuring the City to lower taxes …
to saving Hoboken University Medical Center,
to renovating nearly every park,
to being on the cusp of acquiring land for new park space,
to surviving and rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy,
We have much to celebrate! 

Please join me for a Re-election Fundraising Gathering:

Where: City Bistro, 56 14th Street

When:  5:30 – 7:30, Thursday, April 4th

Why:    Your support helps keep the positive direction for Hoboken

            going for the next four years!

Let me be clear:  This election will determine whether Hoboken

continues on its current path toward a positive future with leaders
who are focused on improving quality of life while maintaining fiscal
responsibility, or returns to the old ways which led to an 80% municipal
tax increase, overdevelopment, virtually no investment in our aging
infrastructure, and a reputation as one of the most
corrupt cities in the country.

As always, my opponents will likely be well funded by the special
interests that will benefit financially by turning back the clock and by the
wealthy individuals who have repeatedly attempted to buy their way
into public office.   

Please come celebrate and join with me to ensure that our

City continues on a positive direction for the future.



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