Tim Occhipinti campaign worker arrested for alleged meth lab in HHA apartment

Meth lab apartment also the same building and floor of Beth Mason political operative Matt Calicchio

According to news reports a methamphetamine lab was discovered by Hoboken Police inside a fifth floor apartment at 501 Marshall Drive. Both the Jersey Journal and Hoboken Patch featured the story with three arrests but Grafix Avenger uncovered the political connection revealing the HHA resident of the alleged methamphetamine lab, Cynthia Rivera is shown on Timmy Occhipinti ELEC reports as a campaign worker in his 2010 and 2011 campaigns.

MSV can confirm both the apartment building and floor location are also one and the same of Councilwoman Beth Mason’s political operative and fourth ward Democratic Committeeman Matt Calicchio.

Tim Occhipinti, occupant of the fourth ward council seat seen here with Beth Mason political operative
Matt Calicchio at the last HHA meeting in March.

Tim Occhipinti and his campaign have insisted the 575 campaign workers paid on average $40 each were doing legitimate campaign work even though almost to a person they all voted on vote-by-mail paper ballots.  Sources within the HHA say the methodology of voting by paper ballots is also comically called “Voting-by-Calicchio,” referring to the active VBM political efforts of Beth Mason’s political operative inside the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Calicchio is an active Hoboken politico known for escorting Beth Mason to and from meetings in Hoboken and actively working on Old Guard campaigns for both Mason and Occhipinti.

At a recent City Council meeting, the issue of “exploitation” of voters in the HHA was made by Councilman Ravi Bhalla after a public speaker charged the vote-by-mail ballots coming out of the public housing building appeared systematic and door-to-door.

Councilman Michael Russo who actively worked on the Tim Occhipinti campaigns in 2010 vociferously complained against Bhalla’s designation in a loaded exchange.  He was quoted by PolitickerNJ being very enthusiastic about the VBM effort in 2010.

MSV was unable to reach Timmy Occhipinti and Beth Mason for comment.

Beth Mason political operative Matt Calicchio making a face at MSV during the last City Council meeting.
A meth lab on the floor of his building busted a fellow Occhipinti campaign worker.

Talking Ed Note: If Tim Occhipinti returns a voicemail invitation to speak about his campaign worker, this story will be updated.
Pssst, don’t hold your breath.


Will Councilman Michael Russo be defending Cynthia Rivera if she also was paid in the last election to do ‘campaign work?’

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