Congressman Joe Crowley stunned in NYC primary upset by socialist upstart

Mayor Ravi Bhalla trashes 28-year-old Hispanic woman upset winner

In a stunning primary result with little more than 10% of the eligible voters turning out, Congressman Joe Crowley a 10 term Queens party boss went down to defeat at the hands of a 28-year-old socialist female challenger in the New York City (Queens-Bronx) Democratic primary.

Crowley, a senior member of the Democratic leadership in the US House of Representative saw a double-digit loss at the hands of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from the Bronx.

Last weekend, Hoboken mayor Ravi Bhalla joined Crowley on a Facebook Live event crossing two bodies of water for the staged campaign finale in what was believed a layup against token opposition.

Hoboken mayor Ravi Bhalla with his former campaign manager Vijay Chaudhuri
on the mic with outgoing Congressman Joe Crowley (D) last weekend in Queens.

The link between Crowley talked about as a possible replacement to Democratic Congressional leader Nancy Pelosi, is his campaign manager, former Hoboken resident Vijay Chaudhuri who served in the same role for Bhalla last year in the Mile Square City’s contentious down and dirty Hoboken campaign.

While Ravi Bhalla would see an eventual victory garnering 32% of the Hoboken vote in a major four-way race, Crowley has rarely seen opposition in his 20-year congressional career. Chaudhuri, his campaign manager was quoted only last month and didn’t see the hardcore attack from the radical left coming. “The people of Queens and the Bronx have elected Joe Crowley to represent them in Congress by an overwhelming majority each and every time his name has appeared on the ballot,” Chaudhuri said, adding, “This year will be no different.”

Already, the defeat is being compared to the biggest Congressional election upsets in recent years and Hoboken’s perennial national candidate Ravi Bhalla sees another networking effort snuffed in its infancy.

Prior to the controversy erupting over a NJ Supreme Court decision where the Hoboken mayor almost saw his law license suspended for avoiding paying monies owed a former employee for nearly seven years, Bhalla went down with the Hudco insurrection on behalf of NJ State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian Stack.

NY Times, * denotes incumbent.

Related: Hudson County View followed up the MSV story where Ravi Bhalla said of the winner, Ocasio-Cortez, “It’s not amateur hour in Washington; We cannot have inexperienced people in their 20s.”

This evening in Fargo, North Dakota, President Trump followed statements earlier today saying he wasn’t a fan of the 20 year Congressman but said before a cheering crowd of thousands, “Joe Crowley got his ass kicked.”

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