Statement from Councilman DeFusco on Mayor Bhalla’s Arts Bonding Announcement

Official release:

“The city should certainly be doing more to support local artists and Mayor Bhalla’s proposal to allocate one percent of the city’s debt to arts is intriguing, but this announcement leaves more questions than answers as to how the program would actually be implemented and administered. This is the first that members of the City Council have heard about this and it’s disingenuous how Mayor Bhalla continuously claims that Council members won’t work with him and then throws out a completely vague program with no Council or community discussion. The Council takes bonding and the expenditure of taxpayer dollars very seriously and that’s why this necessitates a careful review of debt spending, however, I look forward to working with the administration to elevate the arts as a priority across Hoboken.”

Related: The Jersey Journal published a story on Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s latest executive order diverting bond ordinance funding to “the arts” up to a million dollars in his term.

The Bhalla executive order is available here.

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