Mayor Ravi Bhalla sees his remarks against Millenial Hispanic woman candidate backfire

Hoboken’s new mayor is facing a new firestorm of criticism after his remarks denigrating a Millenial Hispanic woman from the Bronx running for Congress became public.

The backlash is part of his eye-opening comments and events leading to the upset Democratic primary election Tuesday where Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated Congressman Joe Crowley, who holds the number four leadership position for the party in the US House of Representatives.

Critics are pointing to Ravi Bhalla’s novel habit of siding with Machine power and opposing women candidates and officials including self-declared progressives as he continually seeks higher elected office out of Hoboken to advance his political career.

Of Alexandria Ocasio-Ortez, a 28-year-old Bronx resident, Bhalla said:
It’s not amateur hour in Washington. We cannot have inexperienced people in their 20s…”

Earlier this month, Ravi Bhalla sided with HudCo powerhouse State Senator Brian Stack’s attempt to take over the county machine against Jersey City schoolteacher Amy DeGise. Reports said Bhalla had refused to even speak to her leading into the contest for county Democratic chair.

Video courtesy of the New Jersey Globe

Last weekend, while Ravi Bhalla was seen cozying up to the big party machine two bodies of water away in Queens on Facebook Live, the Mile Square City suffered a brutal traffic jam downtown on its southern entrance.

Hoboken residents are questioning why a traffic jam over the weekend was not adequately addressed even as the City of Hoboken announced anticipated downtown road delays earlier on Friday.

MSV reached out to Ravi Bhalla’s campaign spokesman for comment last night for this story but there was no response. If the mayor’s office wishes to make comment, MSV can be contacted at

One of two Bhalla political aides in the mayor’s office, Jason Freeman, is 29.

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