City post court appearance – “We’ll stay here”

Office of The Mayor announces: 

As a result of a Hudson County Superior Court ruling today, the City of Hoboken will continue to store its municipal vehicles at 1714 Willow Avenue.  The Court did not grant the plaintiff’s request that the City be forced to move from the new garage location. 
“This court motion is the first time that Hoboken Unleashed has requested access to the site, and while we were concerned about liability issues, we were at all times willing to provide access on agreeable terms so they could prepare for a variance application,” Mayor Zimmer commented.  “This decision means that Hoboken can continue with its objective of test driving shared services with the City of Weehawken as planned.  Shared services are an important tool to reduce our costs and make government more efficient. This site provides us with an excellent opportunity to explore the benefits of shared services and determine our long term needs.” 
While the City had explored the Willow Avenue site previously, it was advised that it was not available.  However, the next day after the City Council had approved the closure of Clinton Street and outsourcing of the garage, the property owner contacted the Mayor’s office by phone and advised the City that his site was in fact available.  Since the closure of Clinton Street was not an ideal solution, Mayor Zimmer pursued this opportunity expeditiously in the best interests of Hoboken residents.   
Out with the old; the city left the site (above) and remains on the existing leased site after today’s Court ruling.

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