Grist for the Mill: Who's house? Timmy's House!


Nothing’s announced but the fourth ward City Council candidate Tim Occhipinti is staking out some prime real estate to set up shop for his maverick run. MSV is not sure who is footing the bill for this exclusive location but the listing is for the less than dirt price of $4,500 a month at 56 Monroe St.

On top of that, there’s a $9,000 security deposit!

Now we don’t know what Tim’s rent costs at his modest behind a liquor store abode costs but it’s safe to say it’s a mere fraction of this new office space he’s taking out for his “independent” run for the critical fourth ward City Council seat in the special election in November.

MSV contacted Occhipinti recently to invite him to submit an article on how to handle the City’s $12 million surplus and then last night to ask about the funding for this prime time office. There’s been no reply but you’ll know if anything changes.

Tim’s facebook page did convey some details of what’s he’s been up to:

I would just like to thank former City Councilman Richard Del Boccio and Jaime Figueroa for walking the 4th Ward with me this evening. We met lots of residents who are eager to vote for their next council representative this November.
Heading over to Northern Soul in just a bit for a pint in the neighborhood.

Tim also lists on the same facebook page a link to a letter from Mike Novak in the Hudson Reporter. That letter attacked the mayor’s administration for the handling of the municipal garage. In the letter, highlighting the site of the new temporary municipal garage Novak stated the City “apparently strong-armed a Hoboken small business out of its lease.”

In Superior Court in Jersey City yesterday, the judge indicated a conflict of lease holders existed on the property of 1714 Willow Avenue but the owner of the property was responsible for issuing the two leases. (More on this later.)

Novak had been a key backer of Peter Cammarano’s run for mayor and led his transition team last June. He also backed former municipal judge Kim Glatt in her mayoral run last fall. He’s a former City Council candidate himself on the disgraced and convicted ex-mayor’s ticket in the spring of 2009.

The ELEC report showing the financial backers for Occhipinti’s run will be most interesting.

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Listing Number: 890766
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SqFt: 1500
Floor(s): 1
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56 Monroe Street
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Rent: $4,500
Security Deposit: $9,000
Rental Fee: $4500
High visible busy corner great location for business surrounded by condos.

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