The Cartel is on the move; maybe to a friend near you

“How Do I Find Joy?” You Ask? 
Tell Your Friends Who Live in These Cities about the Upcoming Screenings ofThe Cartel.  The Cartel is an Award-Winning Documentary Film about Corruption in Public Education and the Promise of School Choice. 

The Cartel Upcoming Screening Date & Location
Thursday, August 19 , 8:30pmEDT
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Documentary Film Festival
Thursday, August 26 , 6pmEDT
Washington, DC
Defending the American Dream Summit
Friday, September 3 – Thursday, September, 9
Peoria,  IL
Peoria Theater
Saturday, September 11 , 6:45pmPDT
Burbank, CA
Burbank International Film Festival
Sunday, September 12 , 6pmEDT
Cleveland, OH
State Policy Network, Annual National Meeting

And Finally :

An Exciting DVD Announcement in September!

We will be holding a “Private DVD Sale,” only to Registrants of The Cartel Website. 

(If you got this email directly, and didn’t have it forwarded to you, that means you’re already on the list.  If it was forwarded to you, click on the link & join today!) 

Carpe Diem folks — We’re winning! 

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