Author! Author! Two superb book events in Hoboken last night

Author meet author.  The Republicans of Hoboken event brought together two current authors who each have some excellent reviews and buzz.  Peter Schweizer author of “Throw them All Out: How Politicians and their Friends Get Rich greets author Diana Henriques who spoke at the Hoboken library on her book “Wizard of Lies.”
Great night in Hoboken with two outstanding cultural book events.  MSV started at the Hoboken Public Library and caught most of Diano Henriques’ presentation and Q&A to a standing room only audience  to discuss her book “Wizard of Lies.”  The book is a complete chronology of Bernie Madoff and his decades long Wall Street ponzi scheme.  
Da Horsey then worked uptown for a dinner at Amanda’s where Peter Schweizer spoke to two filled to capacity rooms on his revealing investigative book detailing the Government Rich – the political class in Washington enriching themselves while in “public service” as Congressman and Senators.
Both events were terrific and Da Horsey has begun reading Schweizer’s book.  We’ll have more to come but to say we’re impressed is an understatement.  
“Throw Them All Out,” is a primer on insider trading, IPO deals and taxpayer money by the people we elect to serve us but who on the whole come to Washington middle class and leave millionaires.
None of this sadly is an accident.  From former House Speaker Nancy Speaker to Dennis Hastert, Senator John Kerry and dozens of people close to President Obama – everyone is fattening up at the expense of the taxpayer and our Republic.
It’s unclear after hearing him how so many diners kept their food down.  It’s far worse than you can imagine and the book is a warning shot across the bow against Crony Capitalism.
More on Peter Schweizer’s blockbuster:
Hoboken author Diana Henriques’ Bernie Madoff book “Wizard of Lies,” as featured on Hoboken Patch:
Mayor Dawn Zimmer has a laugh with author Diana Henriques and Assemblyman Ruben Ramos.
All of MSV’s photos are taken without flash so as to not disrupt the diners.
This was the shot of the night. 
Talking Ed Note: In addition to being a great cultural night for Hoboken, there were many notable people in attendance including Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Councilwoman Jen Giattino, BoE trustee Leon Gold,  the Wiley Coyote himself Eric Kurta, Young Republicans Hudson County Chair James Sanford, former Hoboken Business Administrator Richard England all attended the dinner.  The event was hosted by the Republicans of Hoboken Chair Diana Davis.
Assemblyman Ruben Ramos stopped by to press the flesh and get some good will for his unannounced 2013 mayoral run.  Yes we said it.  More on that and one terrific evening to come.

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