City Council Post Mortem

All the signs are there for bad things to come. First, Jersey Journal reporter Katie Colaneri captures Councilman David Mello saying he was offended his name was on a tombstone set up at the Russo Halloween event this past weekend. He asks for an apology. Councilman Russo and Councilwoman Castellano refuse.
Some rich hypocrisy from an Occhipinti campaign worker/Hoboken411 ghostwriter took the cake with comments about post-election behavior during the City Council public portion and then attacks on Hoboken residents outside directly after. That story is coming. (Trust me truth is stranger than fiction.)
The tension in the room was interesting in that all the bitterness and invective seemed to be coming from the Occhipinti supporters. At one point MSV spoke to a regular council watcher and said are you picking up on this? It wasn’t just what went on up front, although Councilman Mike Russo was especially nasty even more than usual.
In the crowd it was worse. A well known campaign supporter of Tim Occhipinti was overheard saying in a clear audible voice, “effin scumbag,” when Ravi Bhalla was actually congratulating Tim Occhipinti on his election win.
I’ve never seen a group of more angry, bitter, disgruntled winners.
Let’s put it this way. Victory has done nothing to assuage the upset caused by putting a modicum of light on what has transpired during this election. In fact, it’s created the opposite effect.
Patricia Waiters made some comments about intimidation and the attacks on her and family. There was smirks and grimaces among the Occhipinti backers as she detailed her upset with the targeting. She lamented where would it end?
MSV doesn’t wish to overstate this but it’s fairly clear there’s some serious problems in this town. It’s not just the wanton flagrant violation of election rules, it’s just short now of full all out attempts to intimidate with violence.
MSV captured an incident just outside and one can hope it was just an isolated incident. What followed in a disagreement among two individuals turned into something else as the little angry Hoboken411 minion started to shoot invective toward two individuals in the reform community. Neither of them had involvement in the words between the other two people. That didn’t stop him from showing how deep hypocrisy runs. Minutes earlier he was moralizing about how the election is over and… it’s simply off the charts.
That story and video will come tomorrow.
Last, this past week after we broke “The Anomaly” story of Tim Occhipinti’s paid ‘campaign workers’ on his ELEC seems to have caught on in a big way. Readership skyrocketed this past week with thousands of readers in the the last couple of days alone. The jump has been like nothing we’ve seen before. Corruption really captures the keen interest of the people in Hoboken. (Too bad Hudson County doesn’t share it. More on that later.)
Speaking of anomalies, the Jersey Journal highlighted earlier the latest off the charts vote by mail totals adding to The Anomaly. Here’s the breakdown:
Tim Occhipinti – 390
Mike Lenz – 34
That’s right nothing to see here, move along. Several people we spoke to had different reactions about this. One senior political watcher noted our concern saying how do you explain something like this in a one off small ward election? He noted “He’s right,” as another observer expressed concern about Hudson County tossing out a vote by mail ballot of a woman who died. Riddle me this, how many out of that 390 do you think are ‘campaign workers?’
Talking Ed Note: MSV is forced to admit we profited from this election. A buddy who is a new City Council observer made a friendly wager for dinner and drinks over the controversial vote by mail absentees long before the election. He was convinced Councilman Mike Lenz would generate a significant paper vote total and Da Horsey was sure of the opposite. So each side set their stakes.
His prediction was Mike Lenz would have 201 or better vote by mail (absentee) ballots.
Da Horsey predicted Tim Occhipinti would come in with 301 or more in a very large scam on the Hoboken electorate. Thanks for being a good sport about it buddy.
MSV wishes to thank you for making this website part of your Hoboken life. We’re particularly grateful for all the recent emails and positive feedback of support from readers. This is the truest and best reward.

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