Twitter Wars! Mayor Zimmer challenges Ruben Ramos on ‘exploitation of HHA residents’

Is it something in the water, because Mayor Dawn Zimmer just came out standing up for the Hoboken Housing Residents saying the Assemblyman “Reuben Ramos needs to” as well.

Although the Occhipinti campaign would like any more light on the election to go away, Mayor Zimmer comments criminal referrals by the Hudson County Board of Elections have been made.

MSV had heard of one person working in support of Tim Occhipinti in the Housing Authority would face such an outcome for election fraud.

It looks like it has come to pass and Mayor Dawn Zimmer is throwing down on behalf of the Hoboken Housing Authority residents!

Assemblyman Reuben Ramos who like many local politicos, shares twitter feeds among the group saw the mayor’s twitter and responded:

Not exactly a powerful retort from the Assemblyman is it?  Well, this is going to set off a lot more attention on the electoral fraud in this past election.  The local media will enjoy the “he said, she said,” aspect but perhaps they will (finally) look into the facts of the matter and provide detailed reports as the criminal charges of this come to light.

The twitter battle started off innocently enough but was kicked off by Assemblyman Ramos who derided the Corner Cars program as “rental cars.”

Assemblyman Ramos initiated a twitter battle with Mayor Zimmer on the Corner Cars program.  It’s escalated into something far bigger and far more important. 

Well Assemblyman, it looks like you wanted to get in a tweak against the Mayor.  You did.  And now Mayor Zimmer accepted your offer and raised you a million, in credibility!

Looks like it’s your turn at the poker table.  MSV advises you to slink quietly away before the damage gets worse as it certainly will.

The Assemblyman who was said to be neutral in the council race between Mike Lenz and Tim Occhipinti later came out strongly backing Occhipinti.  He may land up regretting his decision.

And he may not be alone when the full story comes out on this.

Talking Ed Note: It’s way past time journalism in Hoboken work to get at the truth.  This story came to the fore a full week ago, what MSV called “The Anomaly,” and little has been done shining the light.

As for the HHA, this is sorely overdue.  It’s about time people rally on behalf of the residents there.  They are part of Hoboken too and merit our concern and protection from the vultures who swoop down and exploit them at election time.

MSV will absolutely be following the story on these criminal referrals.

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