City Council Meeting – Live with chat here @ 7:00

Tonight’s City Council meeting will air live here @ 7:00.  Uncensored chat is also available.  If you have not registered it only takes a minute.

Dive in and enjoy the fun.  Will Occhocinco tacke City Council President Carol Marsh and demand his $1,000 per meeting meal money?  Will Councilwoman Beth Mason complain she doesn’t have adequate documentation from the Board of Elections?  Will Councilman Russo bellow endlessly that his candidate needs to be seated immediately even before 500 vote by mail ballots are examined and the election certified?

Expect lots of grandstanding with the next election around the corner?  Huh? Yes, around the corner.  Hoboken has become a 24-7 election cycle with power and ambition leading the way against the people who actually take good government seriously.

But now they are going to take the helm?  What does that mean?  Tune in because you are going to find out.

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