Beth Mason – I vanna be President

Here comes the result of yesterday’s election and it begins with the new and improved councilwoman Beth Mason.  The word is she wants to be City Council President and bump off current City Council President Carol Marsh who hasn’t been there long and is doing a fine job.

Impact from the loss of Mike Lenz begins tonight and Tim “I’m independent” has to begin paying his handlers.  Expect there to be a brawl on Occhipinti being seated as there’s 500  paper ballots twisting in the wind – the ballots have not been reviewed nor the election certified.

Tim Occhipinti leads in the election by 50 votes on the machines.  Councilman Mike Russo who backed Occhipinti is demanding he be seated immediately.

Don’t they know the hard work put in buying all those paper ballots?  Again an obvious tell.  Who needs to count the votes when you know you already bought all those votes.

Let the hilarity begin.

The Hudson Reporter broke news of the plan earlier:

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