City Council meeting – live blog tonight with the Hoboken Journal

Tonight’s regular meeting of the City Council is jammed and promises to go on for a long while.  Get the coffee pot up and going early and head on over to our colleague, the Hoboken Journal for a fun filled knock’em, drag’em out cat fight.

The last special council meeting had only a few items on the agenda with a closed session on the legal matters of the Municipal Garage being one, but that didn’t stop members from bitterly denouncing being there when one agenda item, the Western Edge redevelopment was tabled after a few members of the public asked for more time to provide input.  (Hopefully more residents will evaluate and come back and constructively bring some good ideas to the table. Developers such as Tarragon/URSA are believed to be already executing expensive live push polls to sabotage the existing plan altogether!)

If that isn’t enough of an incentive to stick around, the November 2nd special election is now less than a month off with not only the fourth ward council seat at stake but the mayor’s working majority coalition.  Based on the bitterness being voiced at the last meeting you would think there is no fifth vote swing vote in the balance at all!  But no, that’s just the Old Guard crying about today; family business has been slow but was recently spotted out and on the town to hold a press conference on one of their favorite areas: the Hoboken Parking Utility.

Councilman Mike Russo led the media on a mad chase circling their own “tale” on a rumor some office space would be moved from the termite infested office downstairs in City Hall to a midtown office he deemed remote and well, not midtown.

At the last council meeting Da Horsey requested sanity and respect for the will of the voter.  It’s likely it was heard but do you think it will be acted on?

Hey, did you hear about the $200 million budget surplus?   Well okay, that’s imaginary but that never stopped some council members from playing loose and fast with the facts, nor their feigned John Q. Public political operatives who pose as regular Hoboken citizens.  Let the droning begin!

Expect a cat fight to break out anytime.  Well one already did earlier today.

Occhipinti backer Maurice Fitzgibbons let loose earlier and no,
he hasn’t been declawed.  Look out Councilman Lenz!

Tune in @ 7:00 with the Hoboken Journal for all the action:

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