Lenz campaign responds to Maurice Fitzgibbons

Lenz for Council campaign manager Sam Briggs responded to Tim Occhipinti backer Maurice Fitzgibbons with the following statement:

“It’s great that we can finally have a conversation with one of the real candidates in this election, Maurice Fitzgibbons, and not his current straw man, Tim Occhipinti.  Its very telling that instead of Maurice talking about why Tim would make a better candidate for the 4th Ward, he has to talk about himself and his reputation.  He is all but admitting that as he sees it, this campaign is not about Tim Occhipinti, it’s about the Cammarano team that he has surrounded himself with.

We once again call on Tim Occhipinti to sign the Clean Campaign Pledge and run a campaign that respects the voters of the 4th Ward.  We hope that Tim will reconsider the advice he is receiving from his mentor Maurice Fitzgibbons, who was recently convicted of flagrant and intentional ELEC violations and fined $2,625, and make the best decision for the 4th Ward.  The voters deserve more than Cammarano/Fitzgibbons/Belfiore style politics and business as usual.”

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