Tim Occhipinti reaches out to touch the 4th ward

First Tim Mailer

Above is Tim Occhipinti’s first mailer to fourth ward residents for the November 2nd special election. It’s not a bad introduction of a candidate. Occhipinti had run for Council last year but he did not have the budget from the backers available now.  Some of you may find some surprises and well, contradictions. Can you find the first one? Here’s a hint: it’s concerning this pool season versus the last at the Boys & Girls Club.

Is anyone curious how Tim Occhipinti plans on cutting taxes? He speaks about accountability in the mailer but oddly he doesn’t account for how he plans to cut taxes. He’s going up against one of Councilman Lenz’s strong suits: municipal finance.  (Last night the council began the long slog back from financial overspending and put a 5% tax cut into the transitional budget, the most allowed by state statute.)

If anything that should be an important item for the candidates to discuss at the Jubilee debate.

Reports have also come in along with this flier that Tim has been reaching out and touching fourth ward residents in robocalls. Last night though Tim Occhipinti did not appear at the regularly scheduled City Council meeting.  Typically council candidates would not squander such an opportunity to appear before the public and respond to the issues of the day and make their case in the public portion of the meeting.  The cost is nothing but their time.

It’s strikingly odd and comes after Occhipinti backer Maurice Fitzgibbons “letter to the editor” hit the streets.  Has the former county freeholder told Tim to go to his room?  MSV doesn’t know but finds this supremely odd.

Why do you think Tim Occhipinti who has been a regular attendee of recent meetings never appeared last night?

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