9-11 Concept plan introduced

City of Hoboken announces:


The City of Hoboken today is unveiling the conceptual plans for the City’s 9/11 memorial. A public hearing is scheduled for November 30th at 6 pm in the basement conference room of City Hall to discuss the proposal.

“I’m very thankful to the 9/11 Memorial Committee and the Parks and Quality of Life City Council subcommittee for their efforts and the progress we have made,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “I want to specially thank Community Development Director Brandy Forbes. We were at risk of losing state funding for the memorial, and without her strong advocacy, we would have lost more than $250,000. It is my goal to have, by the 10th anniversary of the attacks, a permanent memorial to properly remember and honor those Hoboken residents who were lost.”

The proposed memorial is oriented toward the World Trade Center site and will have complete ADA accessibility.  Lighting will be utilized to highlight the glass panels.  The plan features two symmetrical, semicircular platforms, each one and a half feet high.  Each raised semicircle would hold half of the glass panels.  The two platforms with the panels would be representative of the twin towers.  Because they are raised, visitors would have a place to sit and place mementos and flowers.  A beveled edge circumscribed around the interior could be etched with text as determined by the 9/11 Memorial Committee, the City Council, and the public.  Thanks to the efforts of Fire Chief Richard Blohm, the memorial will incorporate a piece of steel from the World Trade Center.  There would be no change in grade for the walking surface. This concept offers clear visibility through the site and would be inviting to visitors.

Three related items will be considered at the Council meeting on Wednesday, October 20th: The scheduling of a public hearing to discuss park plan changes to accommodate the memorial, a resolution regarding the $250,000 in funding from the Department of Community Affairs, and a resolution to award a contract to Remington and Vernick for the remainder of the design and bid work, document preparation, and construction oversight.

Click here to view the proposed location and conceptual drawings for the 9/11 Memorial.


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