Attack of the Carmelitos @ 7:00

Tonight’s City Council meeting comes with a fairly light agenda although there’s some financial moves for budgeting on deck but without a neutralized reform council member absent, MORTe (Mason-Occhipinti-Russo and Terry Castellano) can not hope to stop merely delay or obfuscate needed approvals on budget matters.

But the war over the fiefdom of the HHA’s contracted and self-appointed leader Carmelo Garcia should see some noise coming from his small, merry band of Carmelitos this evening.

Posters up within the HHA buildings are urging residents to come out and support Garcia’s unilateral control before the City Council. At the HHA meeting last week, the race card is de rigueur and antisemitism is being openly voiced on the record.

Led by Carmlo Garcia’s employee/Assembly aide Patricia Waiters, the Carmelitos are noisily fighting to stem off any oversight of the Hoboken Housing Authority and liberally apply the race card in the attempt to keep any professional not reflexively willing to vote in favor of the secretive Vision 20/20 plan. (The seat expiring held by Eduardo Gonzalez up next month becomes the swing vote since the vote of commissioner Judy Burrell has flipped backing Garcia’s agenda.)

Some of the Carmelitos may actually believe Garcia saying Vision 20/20 is what he “says” it is even as none of the residents in the HHA received any “bill of rights” promised with the massive, undocumented  redevelopment proposal.

Others in the HHA think they will benefit with the powers of the HHA Executive Director used to benefit some (think bigger HHA units in favorable locations already allocated for bellowing at the microphone as his spokespeople.)

How do the other HHA residents feel about being sold out? MSV has heard its divided some and ended friendships with others who tried to enlist them saying they would be “taken care of” and it’s everyone for themselves.

One who has raised her voice in skepticism about Vision 20/20 has seen a series of criminal attacks on her property and home since last year with the mere suspicion she was not “on board.” That resident and the criminality evidenced prior on MSV in the person of Jessica Coco has been overlooked entirely in the “debate” as MORTe has intensely backed the razing of the HHA with some undetermined monstrosity in its place – exceeding its existing density and size more than twice over in the brochure put forward.

All this with not a single page of a Master Plan produced to the Mayor’s Office, the City Council or the Hoboken public.

In the face of this utter outrage, it’s Councilwoman Beth Mason who has voiced support of Vision 20/20 in recent council meetings and also in a new video.

This from the woman who has made a career of saying she needs “more information.”

When it comes to Vision 20/20, Mason like her MORTe allies don’t need a single, solitary page.

‘Develop or Die!’ Or is it overdevelop and get rich or die trying? 

Tonight’s agenda:

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