The case for a Giant – and a giant tax cut

Kurt Gardiner is running to represent Hoboken and Jersey City Heights as County Freeholder.

Here’s his case:

In 2010 Hoboken paid nearly $46 million dollars to Hudson County. Hoboken is one of 12 municipalities in Hudson County and represents only 6% the County’s 600,000-plus total population.
Yet, Hoboken pays 17% of the overall county tax levy!
Kurt will advocate for the Hoboken/ JC Heights taxpayer by:
Demanding more services for our tax dollar such as:
  • More Grants for acquiring parks including a new County Park possibly at the Henkel Site.
  • Having the County take over ownership of Washington Street and repave it.
  • Ensure other Capital Projects that are required go to Hoboken not elsewhere in the County.
  • Ensure a fair tax formula that in the past has penalized Hoboken.
  • Get as much as the $46 million Hoboken paid in taxes in bakc in services.
 Look to streamline “bloated” County Government:
  • Conduct Operational Audits and act on recommendations.
  • Hiring Freeze.
  • Look to service based model and governmental best practices.
  • Re-examine table of organization.
  • Outsource Cleaning Services.
  • 10% cut for Freeholder and County Executive Salaries.

Talking Ed Note: Kurt Gardiner has been on the front lines for years fighting for accountable, decent government with fair taxes for services in Hoboken.  It only makes sense he would act similarly on behalf of Jersey City Heights and Hoboken.
Kurt has been on the right side of almost every issue and local race for years.  In addition, he’s contributed to the community with countless hours on The Hoboken Journal.
No one knows the amount of time, energy and money Kurt has put toward making Hoboken better.
Since MSV does, it’s my responsibility to tell you he has put it all on the line and always acted with intellectual honesty on every single local election and issue before us.
MSV believes he will continue to do so as Freeholder.  Besides, we well deserve a giant tax cut!

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