Horse Sense: About the Beth Mason recall

Last Sunday was a critical day for both Hoboken and the Hoboken University Medical Center.  It was a rare Sunday special City Council meeting and the stakes led to the room being jammed pack.

When Councilwoman Beth Mason arrived flanked by a police officer and her rent-a-thug gumby you could only imagine the text, voicemails and emails she was getting.  MSV heard it was a barrage and to make matters worse, people from outside Hoboken were also placing inquiries along the lines of “What the hell do you think you’re doing trying to kill the hospital’s last and only lifeline?”

At an earlier council meeting, Councilwoman Beth Mason spews the sludge.  Her Russo clan allies from MORTe look less than impressed.  But they take the money she dishes out.

But Beth Mason lives in a special space in her mind.  Long ago she lost her connections to Hoboken.  How is that possible you say?  Beth Mason lives a very insular life among a staff of people who are hired and fired regularly with little contact from regular Hoboken people.  Her Hoboken friends are long gone limited to a handful of well paid consultants from outside Hoboken and zealots, many on the payroll and “not paid for friendship.”  (They know who they are.)

The limited Hoboken people she does have infrequent contact with on occasion try to remember her from years past when she seemed like she believed in what she said and the common response is not so much anger but “What happened?” and “What’s wrong with her?”

To that question, only a professional can provide an answer and Da Horsey doesn’t do armchair psychiatry.  The question is being raised and people find it difficult to believe how out of touch Beth Mason appears to be. Worse, that’s not where the concerns end and that too is coming from all sides.

Beth Mason reacts to the crowd’s chant for her recall.  She heard you alright.

The hospital was the clincher though.  It crystalized in people’s minds their worst fears. Beth Mason was not only willing but actually sought to sabotage the only bidder to keep the hospital operating as an acute care facility.

The Russo clan played along but in the end they revealed more ignorance than a willful desire to see the institution destroyed for political gain.  We’ll give them a sliver of a benefit of a doubt based on Councilman Mike Russo’s exchange with Corporation Counsel on the need to close the sale last Wednesday.  Russo’s grasp on a transaction of this magnitude is well beyond him even if he shared the same petulant attitude of his MORTe allies – that if the hospital goes down – it’s “the mayor’s deal.”

In the past two weeks leading up to the critical mass point where both Hoboken, the hospital and its employees were put through a sordid grinder for no other reason than MORTe’s entertainment, a switch went off across town.  They just can’t take it anymore.  The grandstanding, the obstruction, the petty comments, the childish behavior and flat out lack of accountability and destructive sabotage of Hoboken.

Via email and phone calls the question keeps coming up.  What about a recall?

A recall is a big undertaking.  It would require 25% of the registered voters in the 2nd ward to sign and put on the ballot.  After part one is completed, an awareness campaign needs to take place leading into a vote that can not take place until July 1 at the earliest – right at the start of the summer season.

There are some strong grass root moves going on right now.  People with no prior experience in Hoboken politics have been reaching out asking how can they act?  Grafix Avenger has started a Beth Mason recall store that is doing good business and all but put the MSV Beth Mason store out of commission.

What occurred however during the City Council meeting was frankly surprising.  It caught everyone off guard with distribution of Beth Mason recall signs and from what Da Horsey hears there were plenty of people asking for more.

When the murmurs in the audience began spontaneously building, it took a life of its own.  Comments flying around the room led to shouts of “Liar!” and then without warning a chant of “Recall! Recall!” more than half a dozen times before Council President Ravi Bhalla quickly established order.

For the record, MSV has not encouraged those who have contacted us on the matter of a recall.  It’s a big undertaking and will require lots of time and some money.  If citizens decide to mobilize and give it a go that is of course their right.

But why wait?  The destructive energies Hoboken has been cast to the point of almost destroying a beloved institution as St. Mary’s is the flash point where people need to take notice and act.

The right action is to demand Beth Mason resign.

The scourge of Hoboken with her bottomless access to monies for sabotage needs to come to a close.
For the good of Hoboken, the health of its instituions including its governance and the well being of Beth Mason and her family, it’s time to go.

If not, then face the wrath of the people in the 2nd ward, Hoboken and the full might of the law.

Beth Mason icily stares out at the Sunday crowd during the Recall chant while
Councilman Mike Russo nervously looks to the Council President for help.

Beth Mason, please resign.  

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