MORTe sabotage again puts City on brink

According to a story on Hoboken Patch, the simple matter of a $2 million budget line transfer was blocked by MORTe (Mason, Occhipinti, Russo and Terry Castellano).

The vote for the transfer required a supermajority of six votes – as the hospital sale’s parking agreement going into effect immediately did last Sunday.

Hoboken’s Business Administrator Arch Liston is quoted as saying without the standard line item transfers of monies available, “I can’t operate my budget.”

The Hoboken BA will be contacting the State to seek advice on what he can do.  MORTe backed off on destroying Hoboken University Medical Center and all of Hoboken only in the final moments when a critical ordinance was brought back Sunday.

They clearly have not lost their taste for political brinksmanship to bring Hoboken to its knees.

Scott Siegel noted in public portion the enormous tasks Hoboken faces in its budget asking the council, re: MORTe to “stop the political games.”

Liston indicated a worst case scenario would be the State required to come in and take over the City’s finances.

When it comes to the health and fiscal sanity for Hoboken, MORTe always wants to say no.

Talking Ed Note:  Once again it’s clear MORTe will stop at nothing to harm Hoboken if it means they can undermine the mayor.

They want to starve Hoboken of a surplus, starve it of needed equipment and infrastructure and force a tax increase.  Their failure to use the hospital in such a ploy has done nothing but whet their appetite.

This likely can’t go on with the amount of serious normal business required of the City.  We’re talking about the most typical of municipal actions at the end of a budget year in line transfer in the operating budget.

Either the State will need to step in or the FBI to return and finish the job already begun.
MSV is fine with either.  Hoboken has had enough.

Original MORTe graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger.

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