Das Box

For August there’s a remarkable spirit in the land of Hoboken.  Well, it’s not necessarily all peaches and cream.  The latest duel comes between two “out of das box” thinkers – one legit, the other spewing the usual crass manure.

The Hertz Connect program is doing pretty well based on an interview with the Hoboken Journal posted earlier today.  The program shows promise with over 300 residents signed up and the car utilization increasing ahead of Hertz’s projections.  None of this positive news finds its way onto that bastion of dire and mire at Hate411.  The Hoboken Journal discovered he was not the first to actually discuss the Hertz Connect program in Hoboken.  But you wouldn’t know it as bad news travels fast and good news in Hoboken doesn’t travel at all on Hoboken411.  Its operator, Das Klaussen rarely seen in Hoboken other than walking his dog and abandoning Oscar’s poo struggled to find something negative to harp on and surrendered to more silence after a typical whiny slew of complaints about the program.

The Hoboken Journal dug in and has a revealing look on the Hertz Connect program.  In addition he features a political satire on the “out of the box thinking” at Hate411 with the new exterior of the wet water pump downtown.

Take a look:

Perry “crazy eyes” Klaussen what are you doing in there?

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