A meeting never quite got underway. Hijacked repeatedly by Nick Calicchio and former Hoboken resident  and councilman Chris Campos.

Video later shows Sigsby Cheatham appearing to encourage an attack on MSV after another fracas broke out over a smartphone camera taking video being lowered. 

Ugly spin from the gutter rumored on MSV challenges that junior reporter’s understanding. 

A leap over the dais joining other media to escape after a fracas broke out directly behind a group of assembled media. 

Then man of the hour Carmelo Garcia came at me from behind. Video to come.

We’ll show it and you decide what MSV captured. 

A nice chat later with an impromptu meeting at the police department with Chris Cpod. And nor Nick Callicchio is here with him too. 

Trouble brewing, time to leave here too. 

But Chris, why are you repeatedly hijacking a federal government meeting with Nick Calocchio?

Talking ed Note: attempts to target MSV at a public meeting has never occurred. We shall see what we have on video. 

MSV lost it’s camera bag and wallet with other valuables stolen on the move over the dais. 


Later outside chambers Garcia attempted to get in the face with not one but two or more witnesses in the lobby not far from the stairs leading to the basement. The Acting Police Chief himself steps in to stop Mister Carmelo.

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