Report: Carmelo Garcia terminated in 5-2 board vote

MSV could not get back in as a public safety official, M. Costello decided no credentials (after a stolen wallet earlier) meant “leave the building.” His order was heeded but he was told all the stuff was stolen by the mob earlier.

After a fracas in the earlier part of the meeting, a Carmelo backer, Sigsby Cheatham who has voiced Old Guard support and some apparent weird anti-Semitic rantings repeatedly urged the mob to follow up and pursue a new victim, MSV.

Later the meeting would reconvene. A vote was held on Carmelo Garcia’s contract. The first to vote was HHA commissioner Judy Burrell. Earlier she was determined not to be intimidated by the mob hijinx and refused to leave the room immediately when urged by Acting Police Chief Eddie Garcia.

She would eventually yield to join her colleagues exiting. At the moment of truth she voted yes to terminate and the crowd, or more accurately an unruly mob began to verbally assault her.

The vote would be recorded 5-2 to terminate.

Voting yes: Commissioners Judy Burrell, Dave Dening, James Sanford, Dave Mello and Chair Dana Wefer.

Voting no: Commissioners Jeanne Rodriguez and Rob Davis.

Carmelo Garcia gins up a mob brought in from the HHA to back him on his contract as Beth Mason political
operative Mat Calicchio films the scene. Later a ginned up mob would take over the meeting leading to a postponement.

Talking Ed Note: This was a first and more skirmishes would break out around the room. 
Our video hasn’t yet been examined. It may be actionable.
A big thanks to those in the Hoboken Police Department who were actually trying to retain order, public safety officials, among them Joel Mestre and Acting Police Chief Eddie Garcia. 
(Was everyone though working to allowing a meeting or seeing it ended?)
The Chief attempted to seat MSV in a safe place on the dais (against the expressed wishes of Carmelo Garcia) preventing further mayhem. As it stands, our equipment made it out but the carry bag and wallet were stolen during the potential mob assault.
Da Horsey did like a thoroughbred and leapt right out of range over the dais. There was displeasure with that strategic maneuver. Video is coming and you will not be disappointed.
Who’s the jerkoff wearing sunglasses at the HHA special meeting? Yes, that’s Councilwoman Beth Mason.
The mob applauded her and of course she hijacked the microphone at the beginning of the meeting to mouth
her usual saying somehow the meeting notice didn’t meet her requirements.
Hey Beth, no one cares about your tired novelty act.
As the meeting degenerated into mob chanting and shouting, former HHA Executive Director reveled in the momentary pause and initially raised his hands when the meeting was halted saying, “Yeah!” Here he wanders for a bit as the chaos
stopped the proceedings and shares a moment with Bayonne resident Nick Calicchio.
Acting Police Chief Eddie Garcia makes a point during the one of the repeated melees when the meeting disintegrated
into mob rule and the Carmelitos were ballistic encouraged by political operatives Matt and Nick Calicchio among others.
Later other voices would join in to encourage further out of order behavior.
Chief Garcia would escort MSV away from yet another encounter with Carmelo Garcia outside chambers who wanted to engage and cause trouble with multiple witnesses standing by.
Thank you Chief and hope you will be feeling better with some rest after this tough night.

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