Ramos Campaign on parks: ‘Don’t believe your eyes Hoboken, it’s all talk’

Labor Day is off in the distance but the political campaign season is underway and ubermensch Mason mercenary Perry Klaussen has the green light to go after Mayor Zimmer’s administration.  After months of failing to acknowledge Ruben Ramos was a mayoral candidate, the Masonista sponsored cybersewer is giving propaganda time to the campaign.
It’s not clear if others will see the full iron fisted fascist censorship Das Klaussen is famous for or a less scrubbed version where an occasional comment of truth is allowed to stand.  One thing for sure, Hoboken411 is a shadow of where it was in 2009 and most people in Hoboken know he’s been bought and sold more times over than a cheap hooker.
Here’s the latest release from mayoral candidate Ruben Ramos and for the moment anyway, council candidate Laura Miani (more on that later).  Rumors Miani sleeps with the fishes are only that, rumors.  
Last night, a very odd Pupie appearance on Washington Street.  Frank Raia was having dinner with Hoboken Democratic Chairman Jamie Cryan right across the street of the Ruben Ramos campaign HQ.  Or is it the new and improved Frank Raia council slated campaign?  (More on that soon too.)
Dangerous park? According to Masonista propagandist Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411 and the Ramos campaign,
this is unsafe.  Here kids are playing a game as they brave potential assault – from a rainbow.
Here’s the Ramos and Miani political park chatter of the day:
Reflections on Dawn Zimmer’s long promised “The Year of the Parks.”
With summer coming to an end and soccer season set to begin, let’s review the status of the Mayor’s promises on Parks.
In her State of the City address in 2011 Mayor Zimmer said 1600 Park would be the next big park to come online. This park, which has been in the works for years, was stalled for another 4 years due to the inability of the administration to complete the project. Now we have a field, but due to nearby ongoing construction, Park Avenue is still not safe for pedestrians.
Furthermore, since this field will also be contracted out to adult leagues, it will be really hard for older kids to use this field just for play. It is so sad that with all this talk about “The Year of Parks” it is so hard for kids to find a place to just throw a Frisbee or play a game of a catch.
  • Sinatra Park still has cranes on the field and it looks like that won’t be ready for play until the end of September.
  • Elysian Park hasn’t had any upgrades. We have the money, but the work hasn’t been done.
  • Legion Park hasn’t had any upgrades – we’re still having community meetings on that.
The City has been unsuccessful in acquiring any NEW park land in the Southwest despite promises of this in 2011 and 2012. Now the mayor is saying she won the “right” to purchase Block 12. A panel of judges will determine what that land is valued at, and we could end up paying millions more than the $2.3 million Zimmer offered. With legal fees and a purchase price that could be millions more than expected, what will we get from a block of land that is less than an acre, especially since Dawn Zimmer has no plan in place to build a larger park? If it takes Dawn Zimmer 4 years to put a field on 1600, imagine how long will it take for her to build the promised 6-acre park in SW Hoboken.
It’s not “The Year of Parks.” It’s “The Year of Talk.”
Ruben J. Ramos, Jr. for Mayor

Laura Miani, for City Council at Large

Talking Ed Note: Nothing unsafe about 1600 Park.  From several visits, MSV can confirm it’s a great field, people are using it and the needed traffic light works fine for safe crossing.  Yes, this as it turns out was the next big park to come online. 

Sinatra Park is a disaster inherited from Michael Russo’s father – ex-mayor and felon Anthony Russo who overruled engineers and put timber which rotted underneath leading it to crumble and fall into the river.  It’s taken much time with US Army Corp of Engineer and State required approvals to begin the fix which is slated to open for this fall at a cost of more than $12 million.  

Planks going down on Sinatra Park  The end is in sight after another costly Russo debacle.
Elysian Park concept plan and public meetings are completed and the park will see upgrades as most every park in the City including Church Square Park has been undergoing. Somehow this is bad news?  

Legion Park – one isolated pocket park where meetings have been held and more upgrades planned.  As MSV has noted before, there’s not a park bench changed in Hoboken without a public meeting and input from the public.  Almost every park in Hoboken is seeing or has seen improvements made.

Southwest Park – the mother of all political parks.  The court green lighting the City on this one is making Old Guard heads explode especially Timmy Occhipinti’s who wouldn’t support it although he talked about it a lot and even took video on the location.

The “hope” higher costs will enter here is just that, political hope. The money is coming from a County grant and will most likely cover not only the purchase of the surface parking lot but the initial design work for a long held dream of a Southwest Park.

The only true “hope” in stopping the Southwest Park now is sabotage by the City Council.  With the ninth swing seat open, the Hoboken Sopranos can do what they do best – harm Hoboken – and vote no to approving the land purchase for a Southwest park.

There’s been so much misinformation on this effort, it’s unclear if the Old Guard council can sit by and allow another success for Hoboken.  They delayed the opening of Pier C even with budget funds available to complete repairs after Hurricane Sandy.

Michael Russo is backing Ruben Ramos so watch the next council meeting for the answer on what the Hoboken Sopranos will attempt.  Russo has shown some bizarre frustration in recent months because others are running for office and he can’t run for mayor because an FBI surveillance tape showed him for what he is on celluloid.  That’s forever.

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