Carmelo Garcia’s “bizarre” ethnic cleansing lawsuit


The details about Carmelo Garcia’s entrapment attempt in a January lunch with former State Senator Bernard Kenny and Mayor Zimmer’s husband Stan Grossbard are beginning to come out with a feature in last weekend’s paper but for the first time, Carmelo Garcia’s complete lawsuit charging “ethnic cleansing” is revealed exclusively by MSV.

Among the numerous allegations Carmelo Garcia makes almost all are vague or with no specifics at all in what one independent senior legal observer called “bizarre.”  The legal complaint includes allegations:

  • Mayor Dawn Zimmer and her husband moved to Hoboken in 2002 “to transform Hoboken politically and ethnically consistent with their own political, cultural, and ethnic derivation” … replacing Italians, African Americans and Hispanics.  (Garcia charges this would replace the “old guard,” changing the designation of the term Old Guard made popular by MSV referencing the corrupt Hoboken political class which feels entitled to use local government for enrichment and personal gain.
  • Accuses the mayor of seeking to put in “mostly white” individuals in government positions
  • Alleges Mayor Zimmer has “a version” of Vision 20/20 which is an “ethnic cleansing initiative.” However, Mayor Zimmer has never presented any competing Vision 20/20 plan.
  • Accuses the mayor of “pay to play” but no example of this or “corruption” is evidenced.
  • Claims an extensive “patronage policy” but no evidence is offered.
  • As a contractor to the HHA, Garcia claims he is “the functional equivalent” of a CEO
  • Alleges Mayor Zimmer “sought to implement her ethnic cleansing plan” which is described as “taking control of the HHA board.”
  • Claims he is the victim of harassment, threats, intimidation and extortion but provides no examples to support the allegation(s).
  • Claims “Mayor Zimmer’s 20/20 Vision” would be “relocating a vast majority of minorities” but does not provide any evidence or detail on the imagined plan.
  • Alleges he “vehemently objected” to the mayor’s “ethnic cleansing initiative” but offers no detail, evidence or a tape recording/transcript for this.
  • Decries losing the HHA majority saying the new chair would “coerce him to support” the mayor.  No evidence or detail is offered how that’s the case.
  • Claims Chairman Stuiver invited him to lunch and demanded he “go after” Councilwoman Beth Mason.  How Garcia would do such is unclear.  Did Garcia also secretly tape this lunch?
  • Claims he was told to give the HHA legal contract to a “particular law firm” – but oddly never names the law firm anywhere in the complaint.
  • Claims allies of the mayor ordered him to award contract to an unknown “law firm.”  Garcia earlier this year told HHA commissioners it would be “criminal” if they failed to reappoint his choice Charlie Daglian.  HUD called that meeting “legally flawed” but Garcia keeps reattempting to reappoint Daglian anyway.
  • Claims the January 2013 meeting with the mayor’s husband and “a lawyer” was made “to pressure him to submit to unknown mayoral “policies.” Unfortunately, the meeting as described in the transcript by the Hudson Reporter shows Garcia trying to “set up” others to agree to his recommended illegal actions.  (Ouch!)
  • Alleges the Hoboken Fire Chief embarrassed him at an HHA meeting with “false information” on his handling after Hurricane Sandy.  The fire department had to set up a 24-7 fire watch due to Garcia’s failure to adequately incorporate fire safety minimums, what his friend defended in the meeting by rhetorically asking, “Did anyone die?”  
  • Calls the alleged “political patronage scheme” of the mayor “unconstitutional.”
  • Makes numerous claims he’s a victim completely contrary to the taped evidence made by Carmelo Garcia himself.

The complete legal complaint:

Talking Ed Note: The complaint references the January lunch where Carmelo Garcia secretly taped former State Senator Bernard Kenny (at the PATH station) and later they joined with Stan Grossbard, the mayor’s husband in midtown Manhattan where the secret Carmelo tapings continued.

The complaint is completely at odds with Carmelo Garcia’s own tape recording which became public when it was used by attorney Louis Zayas in the Angel Alicea discrimination case.

Oddly, this placed Garcia’s attorney as a witness in not only his case but Angel Alicea’s.  Legally, this will likely mean that Louis Zayas will need to get his own attorney.

Update: Although the weekend paper said it had the transcript, nothing of it was published.  Well Da Horsey just got smoked with a shocking blazing saddle, Grafix Avenger has published part of the transcript today.

It’s a detailed Carmelo Garcia production where he’s running over his friend Ruben Ramos with an extra large bus.

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