EMAILGATE BLOWS UP! Terry Castellano’s email revealed!


Terry Castellano’s confidential legal request substituted James Barracato for Beth Mason!

Councilwoman Terry Castellano wasn’t lying when she said she made a mistake on EmailGate. With the actual document obtained exclusively by MSV, the details surrounding how a Mason political operative came to be included on a confidential legal request are revealed.

Castellano’s request went out on July 8th, Monday evening to Business Administrator Quentin Wiest and Corporation Counsel Mellissa Longo.

The email request reads like a political operative wish list for confidential and sensitive City information on legal cases and appeals.  The Old Guard Council and its paid political operatives have attempted to highlight Hoboken’s legal work for political advantage but the City has countered with its staggering win/settlement rate of 92% including several big cases netting over seven figures.

The cc list is where Castellano’s email request becomes problematic.  Listed are council members Michael Russo, Tim Occhipinti but there’s one Hoboken Soprano missing: Beth Mason!

Listed in place of Beth Mason is her political operative James Barracato!

Terry Castellano’s email asking for confidential legal information contains one odd subtraction and a worse addition.  In place of Beth Mason, it’s her political operative James Barracato who is listed on the cc list.

In the body of the email, Castellano writes out a clear list of what she wants and it’s the type of information selectively used in talking points by Masonistas and Old Guard adherents for more than a year.  Among the items Castellano requests without making a single “mistake:”

“Cases won, lost, pending, costs of each to date. Appeals: How many cases did we appeal? How many times?  A list of appeals we won.  A list of appeals we lost.  Appeals that are being considered, who makes the decision to appeal?  Cost of each to date, meaning cases and appeals?  Any questions?”

Castellano ends her detailed request saying, “Thanking you in advance, Theresa.”

Of note, it’s only the corporation counsel email that is typed out in its full email form meaning it had to be exact to reach that office and typed out in full manually.  The names on the cc list are listed by name only meaning these are emails Terry Castellano’s computer is familiar with as they are stored in memory and used on a regular basis.

So James Barracato appears written out by name indicative Castellano is communicating with the Mason political operative on a regular basis.

How long has this been going on and what other confidential and sensitive information is being shared with Beth Mason’s political operative?

James Barracato aka FinBoy shoots a camera last November to get photos on Washington Street of Da Horsey
as Beth Mason cowers to escape the return photo.  Her political operative appears privy to sensitive Hoboken legal info.

Talking Ed Note: If Hoboken second ward residents wants to know why it has no representation, why phone calls and emails to Beth Mason are repeatedly ignored well here is your answer.  Even among the Hoboken Sopranos themselves, you don’t bother contacting Beth Mason – you contact her political operative.

Are Hoboken’s unfortunate second ward residents really being represented by… FinBoy!?

The timing of this EmailGate revelation comes as the former IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi is scheduled for sentencing on July 29th in Newark federal court for his admitted crimes stealing confidential emails.

Back in April 2011, Beth Mason and Michael Russo sponsored a resolution seeking all the emails in the mayor’s office going back to January 2010 – the exact time the FBI complaint says Ricciardi was systematically looting all emails coming and going to the mayor and two of her senior staff.

Now Hoboken learns its a Beth Mason political operative who looks to be kept in the loop on confidential and sensitive City legal business.

Are the Boys of Summer in Newark getting all this?

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