Carmelo Garcia the ethnic cleanser blown out of Court


BREAKING: Carmelo Garcia’s second bite out of the apple is a dud!

Meets the same fate as first ethnic cleansing lawsuit 

The second time is not the charm. At least if you are lobbing baseless legal claims in Hudson County Superior Court and your name is Carmelo Garcia.

In a repackaged list of grievances claiming similar victimization as last, ethnic cleansing attorney Louis Zayas saw the same fate as occurred last.

The legal claims didn’t hold water.

Six counts with an added discrimination claim against Mayor Zimmer, her husband and former HHA Chair/commissioner Jake Stuiver saw each of the charges fall apart on preliminary legal analysis.

Saying there was “no change in his (Garcia’s) employment situation,” Judge Lawrence Maron methodically offered similar conclusions in his preliminary findings. Since almost all the claims were given a chance to be amended, it’s likely the final legal opinion rendered by the judge will see the entire case tossed out of court.

Zayas attempted to raise argument to change the initial perspective but appeared to not be getting any traction. He sounded more shrill notes on the case on behalf of Garcia, saying he was facing an “open Rice notice” and an organized conspiracy by the defendants.

What he couldn’t offer was any visible damages under the law.

In the end, the case is likely to see the same outcome as the first when a final legal opinion is rendered.

Bad news for Hoboken’s ethic cleanser Carmelo Garcia. His baseless charges
look heading to the same trash bin as his first “ethnic cleansing” lawsuit.

Talking Ed Note: Is there a lesson here for filing reckless legal action for political purposes to do harm to people you are trying to intimidate? One can hope but you have to be ethical enough to understand it’s unconscionable to act that way in the first place.

The charges in and of themselves were scurrilous to begin with and karma has taken hold.

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