Sign of the Times: Lepercons are so over

In more ways than one, the Leprecon bar crawl movement showed it lacked staying power with a third consecutive year of decline as the numbers dwindled from prior years.

The declining number of “Lepers” as many Hoboken residents call them mirror a continuing drop in crime and ticketing since the Mile Square version of St. Patrick’s Day Parade was cancelled by the parade committee three years ago.

As MSV’s Horse Sense editorial correctly predicted Friday, the Lepercons tanked and are approaching the nuisance level of a Santacon. Those who fled Hoboken for fear of being hostage in their homes are learning it’s no longer necessary.
Reports of stupid behavior, peeing in Walgrens or on the street with porta potties in sight made light of the reduced Lepercons but there was also reports of one drunk reveler walking in front of and being hit by a car and rumor of a similar incident at the Lightrail.
A forlorn Lepercon hat sits on the street a victim of the declining event. The bar crawl generated significant activity in downtown Hoboken bars but nowhere near the numbers in years past making the bar crawl far more manageable than in prior years.
More insight on the fizz out of the Lepercons to come.

Lepercon hat photo courtesy by arrangement.

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