Horse Sense: The Lepercons are tanking

In the matter of the Hoboken public interest, the Lepercons are a spent force

In Hoboken it’s called Year 3, the third round where the interests of the common citizens numbering over 52,000 will see their rights and interests to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness hold over the economic desires of Hoboken bar owners – most of which don’t reside in the City.

There are people who sincerely miss the parade but anyone who attended at its demise knows, spectators uptown barely covered one side let alone both sides of the street. The parade had become a symbol or rather a dog whistle up and down the East Coast for mardi gras revelers to set upon the Mile Square and let fly with projectile vomit, urination and random home damage. Crime was a built in feature pushing public safety beyond its limits.

Hoboken homeowners don’t need additional wreckage after SuperStorm Sandy.

That doesn’t even begin to address the individual terror the day represented to all residents, family and singles alike. Whether you liked the revelry or not, became bored with or not, you were stuck with it, perhaps completely held hostage to it if you had left town for the day in time.

On the other side of this faux Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day, the bar owners had historically cowed the legislative body which year to year did next to nothing of substance as the savagery mounted with rumors of violent rapes and muffin tops passing out on sidewalks all over town in less than flattering exposure.

Collector’s item. The staple platform issue for Timmy Occhipinti didn’t fare so well with Hoboken voters.
Someone may have forgotten to tell Timmy, Hoboken bar flies are not all residents and can’t vote.

There’s always been voice complaining about the loss of the parade but this year they are more muted since the November election didn’t produce much of a result for one candidate: Timmy Occhipinti who ran on all things debauchery – bringing back Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day, developer’s interest, and good ole Old Guard corruptocrat style governance.

The quiet majority of the Hoboken public had enough years ago and their Irish eyes are smiling if not singing. The parade was a nice event but it was overtaken with drunk teens and Xers on Washington Street by 12 noon (or sooner) and each succeeding year the mayhem and crime statistics scarily climbed with no end in sight.  MSV called it a coming disaster back in 2010 and it was only then serious thought began on curbing or eliminating the event altogether.

There’s sincere feelings of loss against a paen of political crybaby voices inescapable in this town competing against the tutelage of reform. The Irish “racism” angle didn’t pan out either. That’s not going away and the bitterness is less about the event and more about the loss of dictating local outcomes, any and all by the Old Guard.

They’ll be moaning in their beer and liquor Saturday night, Hoboken just isn’t the same, the yuppies ruined it. Of course no one will be listening and everyone else will be living their lives with a little bit more of a smile on their face Saturday.

It’s year three but it was well past time. Have a good time Lepercons. Being conned is good for Hoboken business and that’s all fine and well for the Leprecon bar owners.

For once though, the common man has won the day. Enjoy it Hoboken, you deserve it.

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