Cake Boss Takes Manhattan

The Cake Boss is attracting crowds aside from the usual ones in front of his bake shop in Hoboken. In Manhattan Friday night a small crowd gathered around the Carlo’s Bakery truck at the western themed watering hole, Johnny Utah’s. People were there to watch the Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, deliver one of his famous cakes. These deliveries serve to cap each episode of the TLC show “Cake Boss.”

The crowd encroached to see the filming and apparently some of the fame is rubbing off on our the town, a little girl was heard correcting her Mother’s pronunciation of Hoboken.  For about fifteen minutes not much seemed to be happening. Buddy took a few pictures with the crowd and the bar’s mascot bull until someone from the show starting shooing them away. At that point a group appeared leading a blindfolded woman into the restaurant, the intended recipient of the cake.

Finally the back of the truck opened up to reveal a mechanical bull cake, complete with rocking action. After a few false starts they were able to get the bull inside and we should be able to see the completed delivery in a few months when the episode airs.  

Story and photos by Davidd – All rights reserved.

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