Mason ELEC Report MIA, Absentee fraud?

While we’re on the subject of ELEC reports,  Da Horsey is going to guess many folks have had enough of that chatter, but there’s yet another update landing courtesy of the Wile E. Coyote himself, Eric Kurta who surfaced for just this special occasion.

According to the assembled chart below, it appears Councilwoman Mason’s has not completed the filing for an ELEC report from her joint candidates committee in the mayoral run last spring.  That last ELEC entry was in September 2009.

A question arose in the Bhalla press conference earlier yesterday whether “street money” also found its way in Mason’s November mayoral campaign into envelopes filled with green or similarly (and equally) via checks made out to “cash.”  After reviewing page after page of “campaign” workers being paid $50 in Beth Mason’s 164 page candidate report, and others including Church Towers residents getting $75 to $100, it’s clear this is in fact NOT the case.

But now there’s a far larger question looming concerning all these paid people listed on her campaign.  Does anyone recall seeing any of these names out working for Beth Mason on election day last November?  Most reports MSV received indicated the workers on the streets for Beth Mason consisted almost entirely of out of town paid workers.

Looking around the local Hoboken internet sites since late yesterday shows a sudden dearth of pro Masonite comments.  Either they decided to retreat in mass in a spontaneous showing of instant butterfly migration or they were given the word to head for the hills.

Will the local media drop the ball on this story now?  What do you think?

2009 ELEC Filing chart courtesy of the Wile E. Coyote, Eric Kurta

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