Mason spokesman: ‘CASH’ Checks – It’s legal

As reported in the Jersey Journal, a Mason spokesman Michael Makraski has come out with a statement on the charges of illegal payments on election day in May stating:

“Paying people to work on election day is legal and must be reported,” Makarski said.
“No campaign workers were paid in cash. All campaign workers were paid through a check and identified by name and address in the report.”  (Bold emphasis by Da Horsey.)
This is what you call in the PR business a typical non-answer answer or in political speak a non-denial denial.  Yes, we know campaign “workers” were paid via check.  But there are all of these folks running around with checks made out to CASH, not by their respective name(s).  That’s the ELEC violationby the dozens!
In addition, the checks made out to cash attached to the names don’t add up to the amounts made out, again not to their respective names but to CASH.  
Michael Makarski, Mason’s spokesman, contends that Bhalla’s statements are completely false and calls the councilman a “clearly incompetent attorney.”
The update on the Jersey Journal begins with a blanket denial and quickly devolves into name calling declaring Councilman Bhalla a “clearly incompetent attorney.”  Is that worse than being an incompetent political consultant?
See the full report for yourself.  And let’s begin the game of who can best imitate a Wile E. Coyote.  The real one is busy with some important personal business but Da Horsey will get you off to a good start.  Look (or download) the PDF report below and check for all the amounts with the nice words “CASH” on the general ledger page.  Then match them up with the names later in the report to the respective names and amounts.  Add up those amounts to the names and see how many people you can find who all get paid on one check.  Better yet, see how all those people paid on “CASH” checks don’t add up to the amount on the check.

Da Horsey will help you get started.  Let’s look at the very first check on the general ledger of the Mason Team for Hoboken – no. 1070 made out to that lovely person called “CASH” for $300.  (Remember if it’s a person it’s legal, if not felony violation.)  This one check is then credited on the names and address page at the very top to FOUR PEOPLE.  Now I don’t know about you but that is some magic check.  Wouldn’t you like to write one check for a bill and pay say four different companies.  I know I would.

Now let’s take a look at the four separate people the cash check goes to.  Well the four amounts listed for the four different people are: $75, $75, $100, and $75.  Does that add up to $300 in any bank you know?  How does $325 to four different people constitute one payment made out to CASH?

Okay, that’s the first check.  There’s many more like this.  Go get’em.  Whoever flags more of these lovely violations will get one organic carrot per group of violations.  We’re doing it sort of a reverse reward Mason system.  
Can you say even more ELEC violations Mr. Political Consultant?

Talking Ed Note: Guess that’s why you get “spokesman” to issue this stuff.  It’s so transparently bad when it’s quickly uncovered you play dumb and say you’ll deal with “the problem” and fire them never taking the blame for the attempt to deceive the public.

Don’t they know there’s a watch horse, well watching?

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