Breaking: Old Guard to put up Scott Delea for council appointment


MSV can report that the Old Guard appears to be putting up Scott Delea as its candidate to backfill the City Council at-large seat.  Last April, Scott Delea appeared at a fundraiser for Assemblyman Ruben Ramos or rather, he was pictured running away out of camera range (or so he believed).

Delea was seen at the City Clerk’s office filling out the paperwork at deadline applying for the open City Council position just before noon today.  While there’s not a chance he will be handed the City Council appointment in a vote, Delea has tried and failed to obtain an elected seat in Hoboken for years.

He previously was nominated to backfill an open BoE position by trustee Maureen Sullivan but failed to get any other vote of the eight member board in December 2009 as the nod went to Hoboken’s Irene Sobolov.

In Delea’s last electoral attempt in 2011, Scott Delea claimed to be an independent but was crushed by Council President Peter Cunningham who defeated three other candidates on the first ballot for the fifth ward council seat.

Delea has run three times for City Council going back to 2006 and failed each time.

The inscrutable Scott Delea (r) made a run for it when MSV snapped this picture last April at a Ruben Ramos fundraiser.
He tried to avoid being associated with the Old Guard but MSV has pegged it for a long time 

even before he swiped a photograph from this website and used it without consent (or payment) on thousands of campaign fliers.

Previously, Scott Delea was seen at the Elysian Cafe with Beth Mason and her husband Ricky Mason.  That story was reported on MSV last December:

At that event another person among the Mason gang of four party overheard a Hoboken resident reportedly say aloud Beth Mason would “soon be in jail.” To that, they indignantly replied that Ricky Mason could make “one phone call,” to their employer “and you will never work again.”

Delea reportedly did not contest, correct or speak to the comment.  One can assume he has no negative opinion to voice on the matter of a $24 million SLAPP suit against a dozen or more Hoboken residents either.

MSV has attempted repeatedly to be paid for Scott Delea’s theft of our copyrighted work to no avail.  Our attorney recently sent him a letter.

As typical of Scott Delea, there’s been nothing but his usual inscrutable response or silence.

MSV has also written about Delea’s Party of Purpose last year here:

Talking Ed Note: It’s good to see Scott Delea come out and show Hoboken what he’s all about.
He’s happy to be the new face of the Old Guard.  Don’t say Da Horsey never told ya.

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