City Council tonight welcomes a new member @ 7:00!

Tonight’s City Council meeting will be hosting an important resolution to begin and that’s selecting a Hoboken resident to fill the open council at-large seat.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer is likely to be on hand in case a deciding vote is required among the council’s eight voting members.  With four votes coming together with the mayor, the choice will almost certainly be a very strong representative for Hoboken.

The only true drama is if the candidate will get any of the other four council votes or will another  name be put forward sure to go down in flames anyway.  Knowing the Old Guard council, they will put forward a name anyway just for show.  It could even be someone’s name without their consent in an attempt to create division in reform.  Councilman Michael Russo has done that before.

In any case, the mayor will make the deciding vote in a tiebreaker if required and Hoboken will continue moving forward.

The council at-large seat replacing Carol Marsh is up for election next year, either in May or the following November should the public decide to do so in a referendum November 6th.

MSV anticipates Jim Doyle, a longtime well respected Hoboken resident will be on hand.

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Talking Ed Note: Please see the MSV breaking story below that was originally written after the council lead in tonight on the Old Guard candidate Scott Delea.

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