Horse Sense: Release the Russo for Hoboken bank statements!

Several years ago, a Russo for Hoboken campaign account sat inert having no inkling of its controversial past sitting and waiting for a final campaign filing.  It had come up against some unsavory characters in its past, a score of Hudson County’s less than savory fellows seeing monies come and go among them.

Enter FBI informant Solomon Dwek.

When this website broke the story locally of a meeting between the FBI informant and Councilman Michael Russo, the truth became a twisted commodity.  The lies began immediately with his calling the report old news, then characterizing the meeting as him rebuking Dwek, denials about an agreed bribe, calling those who reported same liars and on and on.  Then the FBI surveillance video came out.

It was far worse than anyone imagined.

Back in April 2011, at a City Council meeting MSV calls Mike Russo FBI surveillance night, the public had its first opportunity to weigh in on the explosive truth of the meeting in Jersey City where a City Council and Hoboken Housing seat were traded like so much currency. Does anyone believe that was the first ride at the rodeo?

Da Horsey rose with other members of the public and flatly stated Michael Russo needed to resign.
Nothing has changed that thinking since.

After a less than heartfelt apology calling his actions on that video youthful folly, Russo pledged to the Hoboken public he would turn a new leaf and make it up to the city.

Months later he showed us what that meant joining his close ally Councilwoman Beth Mason attempting to subvert the sale of our hospital to the only viable buyer.

They came within an inch of destroying a beloved century old institution along with thousands of lives.
The cynical action also came within an eyelash of bankrupting the City of Hoboken.

When an appeal earlier directly from the mayor was made to prevent that outcome in front of a packed council chambers; Michael Russo worked himself into a lather before a band of rabble brought down to the meeting by his mother called the mayor a grifter and shot down a lifeline to the hospital.

For spite.  For politics.  For power.

In six months, Michael Russo had showed Hoboken his true face.  Again.  Now he’s hiding the bank statements after four years of failing to follow the law and refusing to show the public the information that led to the controversy in the first place.

Michael Russo is right.  Enough is enough.


Michael Russo has a FBI informant Solomon Dwek problem.  It shouldn’t be Hoboken’s problem.  

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