Breaking: Mayor Zimmer – ‘It’s time to move the parade to a Wednesday’

Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced at a press conference today she intends to move the St. Patrick’s Day Parade to a Wednesday to avoid the problems Hoboken residents have seen over recent years with the event held on a Saturday.

The mayor will be looking to the City Council, Hoboken residents and the business community and parade organizers for support in making the move.

In all of 2009, there were three reported rapes and two reports over the Friday-Saturday parade weekend.

MSV’s non-scientific snap poll from last night shows most respondents support making a change in the parade from Saturday.  More to follow.

Update: The NY Times released its story on the parade and it’s not pretty:

Indeed the level of excess is only now coming into focus; the city’s police chief and the mayor held a news conference on Tuesday to announce some of the grim statistics. There were 34 arrests, up from 25 in 2010. Two women told the authorities that they were sexually assaulted over the weekend. 

Officials at Hoboken’s main hospital said they admitted 166 people on Saturday, the highest such one-day total at the hospital. 
Firefighters responding to a backyard blaze were greeted by revelers on a balcony who spat down and also poured beer at them. Then someone threw a flower planter down, the fire chief, Richard Blohm, said. 

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