Beth Mason begins advertising on Mason411 jihad campaign

Hoboken411 the truth challenged website all things Beth Mason has begun its all out jihad to win her re-election in the second ward.  In its typical juvenile cartoonish fashion, her ad sits above a threatening jihad like figure brandishing a huge knife.  What does a knife have to do with the St. Patrick’s Day Parade?  Good question.

Readers sent in some of the latest from Hoboken’s online cesspool:

Beth Mason proudly advertises for her re-election on Hoboken411 and its cartoonish parade coverage

But that’s not the end of it.  Beth Mason sits proudly over an attack on dwarfs too:

Beth Mason’s face sits almost atop this Hoboken411 dwarf attack

And here is yet another Beth Mason appearance and yes, it’s ironic:

As most readers know well Hoboken411 is on a jihad to get its sponsor Beth Mason moved up the ranks of power in town.  The political operations run in City Council meetings are then reported as news on Hoboken411 in the hope that voters are just paying scant enough attention to the details.

Beth Mason has every right to spend her family’s money as she wishes, that’s never been an issue although she tries to use that as a defense.  That’s strictly a personal matter.  But is this the way she wishes to achieve her ambitions?

At the last City Council meeting Beth Mason’s attempted to limit the speech of others this time both the public and once again her council colleagues.

More on that to come as MSV goes to the videotape.  You need to see it to believe it.  But clearly the wheeling moneyed designs are well underway and Beth Mason intends to suffocate Hoboken with her money in an attempt to wield yet more power.

The question is on May 10th, will Hoboken voters let her?

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