Board of Education candidacies announced

Here’s the latest news on the announced candidates:

Nine candidates in all and one official slate with most likely one other to be announced at a later time:

Kid’s First:
Jean Marie Mitchell*
Steven Feinstein
Clifford Godfrey

The Others:
Carmelo Garcia*
Anthony Oland
Peter Biancamano
Francis Rhodes Kearns*
Patricia Waiters
John Madigan

* indicates current BoE commissioner

Steve Feinstein is a Hoboken parent of two: one in Hoboken High School and the other in Elysian charter.

Clifford Godfrey is a Stevens graduate and volunteer for Save the Youth and the Stevens basketball program.

Both Patricia Waiters and John Madigan ran in last year’s BoE race. 

Notably absent is the Maureen Sullivan, or Maureen First brand of Real Results.  BoE commissioner Sullivan while making about one good suggestion a year has completely alienated her BoE colleagues and parents in the district.

She’s been obstinate in regurgitating misinformation and then being schooled by Business Administrator Bob Davis on her claims.  Fortunately for her, she’s not up for re-election otherwise she would be better off sitting that out too.

Talking Ed Note:  If I had one good idea a year to offer, I’d not alienate other team members re: board votes.  Then you could actually have a shot at getting something done.

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