BREAKING: Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s construction union allies attack Councilman Jim Doyle

Local 825 TV commercial savages Councilman Jim Doyle and announces “We own Hoboken”
In a stunning political attack on local television seen last night, the construction union Local 825 launched a savage attack on a council ally and running mate of Mayor Ravi Bhalla.
The original and unedited ad is seen here on MSV below and is directed against Councilman Jim Doyle.
The same union was part of a Super PAC, Stronger Foundations that ran TV ads in the closing week of the contentious and venomous Hoboken mayoral campaign urging votes for Ravi Bhalla. (MSV broke that exclusive story in the final week of the campaign.)
Councilman Jim Doyle was the sole council member last year to endorse and later run on Ravi Bhalla’s mayoral ticket.
Doyle was the lone “no” vote on the Hilton Hotel at the last council meeting, meaningless in the outcome where eight of his colleagues voted to approve. Only five votes are required for approval.
The savage attack on an intimate ally of Ravi Bhalla is a political shot across the bow by the construction union flexing their influence if not outright political control over Hoboken as word of additional backroom development deals are anticipated to be announced from the mayor’s office.
The City Council would work late to improve a seven-figure package of givebacks including one million for the local school district and another two million for a revamped uptown community center adding hundreds of thousands later added for the charter schools, Affordable Housing Trust and infrastructure downtown.
In the TV ad, Jim Doyle is attacked for allegedly abandoning Hoboken children and stopping “hundreds of good paying union jobs” before it concludes “Doyle doesn’t get it.” 

Last Friday, Ravi Bhalla submitted an op-ed in promoting the massive NJ Transit redevelopment in downtown Hoboken. The press release type promotion on behalf of the long-feared development alarmed many Mile Square City residents.

The attack ad seen last night concludes saying it’s “paid for by ELEC 825.”
It’s the same union featured on MSV last year pushing for voters to
elect Ravi Bhalla mayor.

Talking Ed Note Update: Late Friday afternoon and City Hall is closing up for the weekend and nothing but silence from Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

Not. A. Word.

Over at the Cave, a limp cover-up attempt put forward by the mayor’s office claims Ravi Bhalla decried the attack on Councilman Jim Doyle. Yet, the MSV exclusive has been out ALL DAY, everyone has seen it, other media are covering the story and not even a statement has been issued on behalf of Ravi Bhalla let alone him making a public statement.

We’re going to need a better coverup. This flacid one simply won’t do.

Talking Ed Note: Poor Jim Doyle. He refused to flip-flop on his vote on the Hilton Hotel, unlike Ravi Bhalla. The Mile Square City is abuzz over the intimidation against Doyle, the City Council and anyone who dares to oppose big development deals that clearly lie ahead.

It’s almost as threatening against Doyle, the City Council and Hoboken as the Ravi Terror Flyer last year.

This story is breaking…

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