Councilman Mike DeFusco: “It’s Happening…..”

Official release:

This Election Day Hoboken residents will have the rare opportunity to decide how our local elections are run and vote on a ballot question to enact runoff elections.

If the question is approved, any candidate for Mayor or Council will be required to earn 50% of the vote to win office, otherwise, the top two would square off in a runoff election.   Runoffs are used across the state in similar cities like Jersey City, Trenton & Bayonne to ensure majority rule through fair, democratic, elections.

If you can spare sixty seconds, take a look at this video to explain why you should join me and vote YES for Runoff Elections on Nov. 6th….
All you need to know about runoff elections….in 60 seconds


It’s not democracy if your vote doesn’t count! 

In last year’s crowded and confusing municipal election we had fourteen candidates running for City Council and six running for mayor, with the winning mayoral candidate only earning 32% of the overall vote. 

Establishment politicians and special interests use this fault in the system to intentionally split our community and pander to smaller voting blocks, sometimes even buying those votes. Runoff elections would require candidates to create broader platforms and once elected, broader policies, which benefit the most number of residents as possible, not just the select few who elected them. Voting YES will make certain that everyone’s voice is heard and their vote counted, not drowned out by those looking to divide us for political gain.

Many have asked me about the possibility of ranked choice voting (aka instant runoffs) and though it’s an exciting and interesting concept, New Jersey law currently does not permit municipalities to vote that way.

Click here to learn about why Runoff Elections are important and why you should vote YES on Nov. 6

Regardless of who you supported last year, this is not about a single person, it’s about the future of honest and fair elections in Hoboken and I hope you’ll come out to support this grassroots effort.
Your Councilman,
Mike DeFusco
Hoboken City Councilman

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